12th June 2020   |   Grants


 As of July 2020, Whitehorse City Council, will be giving support to small to medium Enterprises (SME) in the area who have been affected by Covid-19 since January 2020.

The Covid-19 SME’s Grants Program will provide financial assistance to eligible SME’s affected by the Pandemic. There are three funding streams available and they overarch business adaption, innovation and resilience.

Businesses can apply for multiple funding streams where there is a clear distinction between the types of project/services being funded however the total application can be no greater than $3000. The funding is now available for up to $4000.

Business Innovation

Cost associated with online, e-commerce and non-online activities:

  • Website design and development
  • E-commerce platforms (selling online, receiving payments & contactless payment)
  • Digital marketing and promotion.
  • Introduction of a new service, product or processes up to $3000 (Excluding GST) Now $4000

Business Continuity

Costs associated with encouraging a business to reposition itself for the future:

  • Training and professional development (in house training, attendance at conference/seminars, industry association membership fees)
  • Engagement of a professional to provide specialist advice (for example but not limited to Accountant, Lawyer or Business Planner) Up to $3 000 (Excluding GST)

Business Restart

Costs associated with supporting a business to re-commence operations:

  • Purchase of stock/inventory
  • Business equipment (printer, cash registers)
  • PPE Supplies (disposable gloves, hand sanitizers)
  • Cleaning/sanitising products
  • Physical distancing equipment (plastic cones, markers, barrier tape)
  • Disposable Equipment (cups, cutlery, serviettes)
  • Minor capital works of up to $3000 (Excluding GST) Now up to $4000


  • Have an active Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Employ fewer than 20 FTE (or equivalent part time) employees at the time of application or have a maximum turnover of $10 million per annum. (Under exceptional circumstances applications above 19 employees and $10 million turnover will be considered at the discretion of the Grant Review Panel.)
  • Business must be located within the City of Whitehorse municipality.
  • Must be an existing business trading for 12 months or more as at 30 June 2020.
  • Own or have a commercial lease agreement within the City Of Whitehorse municipality with a minimum of one year remaining or intend to take up an option to renew a lease, or are move relocating to another premises in the City of Whitehorse. Or alternatively the business operation is from your residence (home based business).
  • Have all appropriate insurances, licences and permits for the current business operation.
  • Have all appropriate insurances, licences and permits for the business to undertake the proposed activity or operation funded by this program.
  • Demonstrate the financial impact of COVID-19 on your business (genuine financial need).
  • Demonstrate how this grant will help support business in response to the impact of COVID-19.
  • Demonstrated potential for business sustainability beyond the City of Whitehorse SME Grant Program funding.
  • Demonstrate how your business supports the local economy and/or community of Whitehorse.


The program will not accept applications from:

  • Businesses located outside the City of Whitehorse municipality.
  • Current City of Whitehorse employees, Councillors (including 2020 nominating Councillors), immediate family members and their contractors.
  • Political organisations.
  • Trader associations and unincorporated associations.
  • Community groups and Sporting Clubs.
  • Owner’s corporations.
  • Not for profit organisations.
  • Business that have an adverse effect on public health, safety, environment or heritage.


The program will not accept funding application that relate to:

  • Operational expenses that are considered ongoing such as rent, wages, utilities, routine maintenance or routine accounting services.
  • Servicing creditors or debts.

Contact us to find out more information: Info@ax3.com.au

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