1:11 pm   |   Grants

The one-off $5000k Business Support Government Grant is now applicable to all areas under stage 3 restrictions.

The Victorian Government has announced that Stage 3 ‘Stay at Home’ will be in reinstated across metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell…

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10:35 am   |   Grants

$5000 one-off Grant for Local lockdowns in Stage 3.

Businesses that are operating within a postcode affected by the return to Stage 3 restrictions are eligible for a one-off,…

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10:07 am   |   Grants

Homebuilders Tax-free Grant Program

HomeBuilder is a tax-free grant program initiated by the Federal Government to stimulate the residential construction sector in response to…

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11:39 pm   |   Grants

Research and Development Tax Incentive

What is the Research and Development Tax Incentive? The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive offsets certain costs of a…

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11:36 pm   |   Grants


Who is Eligible for EMDG? There are no restrictions on the company structure but one restriction to consider is the…

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11:21 pm   |   Grants

Are there grants out there for your business?

We have a team of experts that helps clients find grants for your business. Our aim is to support you…

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11:39 am   |   Grants

First Tranche Grants program for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

 As of July 2020, Whitehorse City Council, will be giving support to small to medium Enterprises (SME) in the area…

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