18th June 2020   |   Grants

We have a team of experts that helps clients find grants for your business.

Our aim is to support you to develop a strong and successful approach to grants

Grants are a method for a government to enact their policy within a specific area or within an industry and tend to fund specific projects, not overall core functions or day to day operations of a business.

Government has a need to stimulate activity through out the national economy and seeks to achieve this outcome by encouraging business to invest in their own business projects particularly in research and development, service and product development, production capability and new infrastructure and technology.

Therefore it is important to think about and approach your grant funding needs in terms of a specific project and expand beyond what you may require specifically and consider how your success may have a positive impact and flow on effect into the community and eco systems of other business.

What is a Grant Analysis?

A Grant Analysis provides a business with a list and information pertaining to the available grants relevant to your specific project. It can also provide a sub-set list of grants that only through our experience, will uncover a glimpse of alternative available funding for possible off shoot offerings from your original focus.

Information contained in your report is researched and prepared from an extensive database which accesses over 3,600 unique grants and funding opportunities from a pool of over $45 billion dollars available in government, industry and philanthropic grants and programs across Australia.

Why is a Grant Analysis Report useful?

It is estimated that less than 35% of Australian businesses apply for grants leaving 65% missing out on monies that could assist them grow their business. Most business leaders are unaware of the full range of Federal, State and Local government grants that may be available to them, or of other industry and philanthropic grants that may assist them. Majority of companies don’t know when funding rounds open and close throughout the year

Currently amazing opportunities exist in:

  • General – Non-Industry Specific

Grants 976   |   Value $165.4B

  • Aeronautics

Grants 17   |   Value $1.2B

  • Agriculture

Grants 221   |   Value $8.1B

  • Automotive and Marine

Grants 21   |   Value $3.7B

  • Building, Construction and Engineering

Grants 72   |   Value $3.7B

  • Defence

Grants 33   |   Value $1.8B

  • Education

Grants 263   |   Value $7.1B

  • Energy and Renewables

Grants 87   |   Value $12.6B

  • Finance and Business Services

Grants 15   |   Value $691.5M

  • Food and Beverage

Grants 78   |   Value $2.1B

  • Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

Grants 161   |   Value $8.4B

  • Information Technology and Communication (ICT)

Grants 81   |   Value $3.1B

  • Media and Entertainment

Grants 208   |   Value $1.8B

  • Mining

Grants 42   |   Value $780.2M

  • Textile, Clothing and Footwear

Grants 7   |   Value $6.3M

  • Tourism

Grants 119   |   Value $4.4B

  • Other – Not Listed

Grants 32   |   Value $1.7B


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